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We’ve been fortunate that the media has published a number of stories about our current research and focus areas. Check out a sample of some of the most recent press mentions and articles below.

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August 26, 2021

The symposium presented by COVID-19 Stigma Reduction team members at ICP2020+ conference (2021), titled "Social Media Platforms and Stigma, Discrimination and Misinformation Concerning COVID-19". The COVID-19 pandemic has increased stigma, discrimination, and racism against people of East Asian descent on social media platforms. Qualitative analyses of these social media postings and novel assessments and interventions will be presented.

July 30, 2021

For our first video, project staff member Lisa Chinchamie interviews special guest Loy Pinnock-Brown, co-coordinator of Grantfull Food and Fellowship Food Bank and Soup Kitchen (operated by/at the Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church in Toronto, Ontario: Lisa and Loy discuss food insecurity, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, stigma, outreach, needs among marginalized and racialized communities, and other topics. This interview is part of a series of videos from the COVID-19 Stigma Reduction Study at the University of Toronto.

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May 7, 2021

The websites and social media accounts of prominent COVID-19 anti-lockdown groups in Ontario will offer visitors a similar experience: powerful messages, heartfelt testimonials and a sense of solidarity.

Many of these groups position themselves as allies to small businesses that are struggling to stay afloat amid the lockdowns imposed by the Ontario government.

But in addition to protesting government-imposed lockdowns, these groups tend to have a general “flavour to anti-government and anti-public health messages,” which can be dangerous, University of Toronto professor Roy Gillis said. Gillis leads a research team studying misinformation related to COVID-19.

July 24, 2020

A research team led by Professor Roy Gillis is taking steps to approach coronavirus stigma, discrimination and misinformation by gaining information from members of Chinese and East Asian communities in Canada - who are seen as targets of much of the stigma, fear, discrimination and even violence during this crisis. Gillis spoke with OISE News for a deep dive conversation about what this project intends to do, how the research is being conducted, and what the potential benefits would be.

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